Pub Dinners

McGirk's Beef Stew


Slow braised beef, potatoes, celery, carrots, onion in a Guinness® beef gravy topped with mashed potatoes.

Salmon with Lemon and Capers


Seared salmon, topped with a lemon caper butter sauce served with mashed potatoes and sautéed chef vegetables.

Chicken Pot Pie


Braised chicken, potatoes, celery, carrot, and onion in a rich gravy, baked in a pie pastry until golden brown.

Bacon Mac & Cheese


Elbow macaroni in a Parmesan and cheddar cheese sauce topped with crispy bacon.

Bangers & Mash


Palombo’s sausage links, seared and served on top of mashed potatoes with a Jameson® Irish Whiskey gravy, and a side of sautéed chef vegetables.

Beef Shepherd's Pie


Ground beef, carrots, and peas in a tomato beef gravy topped with mashed potatoes and baked until golden brown.

Fish and Chips


Sam Adams Seasonal® battered fried haddock fillet, pub fries, coleslaw and kilarney sauce.

Ribeye Steak with herbed butter


12oz Ribeye steak seared, topped with roasted garlic and herb compound butter, served with mashed potatoes and sautéed chef vegetables.

Make it a Surf and Turf by adding Shrimp Scampi (8.00 extra) or Blackened Salmon (10.00 extra)

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  1. Ok do you make champs?? Love them! Being a daughter of a mom from Derry a big must on our dinner table:) If not ya have to add! my fav irish dish is Bangers and beans!

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