Pub Grub

Pretzel Bread


Served with cheese and McGirk's Irish Mustard.

Salmon & Crab Puffs


Served with creole mustard.

Loaded Potato Pancakes


Topped with bacon, scallions, cheddar cheese & sour cream on the side.

Mozz Wedges


Fresh, hand cut served with marinara sauce.

Basket of Fries


Pub, Curly or Sweet Potato
Top w/ cheese, bacon & scallions for 1.75 extra.

Grilled Pizza

8 - 10

Plain $8
Tomato Basil Garlic $8.50
Buffalo Chicken $9
Sausage, pepper and onion $10

McGirk's Buffalo Egg Rolls


Stuffed w/ shredded buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, cheddar cheese & spices. Drizzled with Buffalo mustard, served w/ Bleu Cheese coleslaw.

Parade Day Egg Rolls


Corned beef, cabbage & swiss,topped with our Creole mustard, served w/ 1000 Island coleslaw.

Chicken Tenders


Dipping sauces or have them tossed in.... Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Irish Whiskey BBQ, Ranch, Buffalo Bleu, BYKO, Bleu Cheese, McGirk's Irish Mustard.

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